Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello, Fall!

I just love when the seasons change. In Georgia, it mostly feels like we have two season: hot and cold(ish). BUT- for some reason right now it feels amazing outside. It's chilly and I'm loving it. I even made white chicken chili yesterday (recipe courtesy of Lori) and it was SO tasty! With all of this fall happiness going on, I figured I'd make a fall bucket list. 
  • Take Will to his first ever pumpkin patch and pick up a tiny pumpkin for our tiny boy
  • Go find a fabulous fall scarf like this one to wrap up in and get cozy 
  • Watch Remember the Titans because what says fall better than a great football movie? I already want to curl up in a sweatshirt with a mug of hot tea and watch it. 
  • Visit an apple orchard and pick some tasty ones
  • Make this pie with the apples we pick. Yum! You know any Paula Deen recipe is going to be wonderful!
  • Try to learn more about the rules of football. I've been a little distracted during the first couple of UGA games since I'm home taking care of my little one, but as our schedule gets more defined, I think I'll be able to actually pay more attention and learn a thing or two (or twenty). 
  • Go on a picnic with my guys. This really is perfect picnic weather.
  • Make my own marshmallows to put in hot chocolate.
  • Celebrate my baby's first Thanksgiving
  • Make handprint/footprint art with Will

So, what's on your fall bucket list?

1 comment:

  1. this is a great list, i am so proud of you, my little blogger ;)

    but seriously, if you want company crossing off any of those things- let me know. i LOVE remember the titans- and the blind side is my other fave football movie!