My Story

my name is Maggie and I'm a Southern girl to the core. i was born and raised in georgia and can't imagine ever leaving this place. yes, it gets hot, and yes, the gnats can be awful, but there is nothing that a long chat with my mama and a glass full of sweet tea can't cure.

i'm happily married to my best friend and love of my life. i always imagined i'd end up married to a guy who wears a suit every day and sits behind a desk, but lo and behold, i married a police officer. his schedule can be crazy and sometimes i feel like i don't get to see too much of him, but words cannot express how proud i am of him and all that he does. he has such a wonderful heart and really loves helping those who need him.

this year we welcomed our first baby into this world. i always heard that no one can love you like your mama can and that a mother's love is the strongest love in the world. can i please just say that no truer words have ever been spoken? i am head over heels in love with our baby boy and can't wait to watch him grow bigger and bigger.

i hope you enjoy taking the journey from marriage to mama with me!


  1. Where in Georgia? Im in Atlantz. Found you on the Sunday social!

  2. I'm here in GA too! North Metro Atlanta and my hubby is going through the police academy scheduled to be graduate in in June!

  3. Stopping by from the I love my post blog hop and I had to laugh at the fact you thought you would marry someone who wears a suit and sits at a desk because I felt exactly the same. In fact, I remember one conversation where a friend of mine told my sister that I would do best with some professional who wore a suit every day! In reality, I met someone who works in campus recreation and wears tennis shoes and workout clothes to work every day!