Saturday, May 11, 2013

29 Years More

Mother's Day is almost here. As in, tomorrow. And this year I have a new sense of it all. This is my first Mother's Day as a mommy.

Last year I was 5 months pregnant and my Mr. went out and got my oil changed in my car. Before you raise your eyebrows at that, you should also know that he got me the sweetest Willow Tree Figurine ever and it still melts my heart when I look at it. Why? Because I'm a ridiculous, sentimental mushball it was such a thoughtful gift. And because when I received it, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. We were so excited about having our sweet boy, but we had no clue what color his eyes would be, or if he'd be a good sleeper, or if he would be bald (or have insane hair like he really does). We didn't know if he would have a loud cry or a soft one. If he would have an innie or an outie. Actually, the only thing we really knew at this point was that we were having a boy and his name would be "William Hudson." Now looking back, it's crazy how much has changed in one year. This time last year I couldn't fathom what he would be like. And this year? Well, I honestly can't imagine a single moment of my life without him being exactly the way he is. What a difference a year makes, huh?

So all of this got me thinking about my own Mama. She is wonderful. Really wonderful. She is my best friend. We match on purpose, love the same toenail polish colors, and sing together in the car. Don't judge us. We can say one word on the phone and know exactly what the other is thinking. When I'm stressed, she always know the cure for calming my crazy self down. When I'm sick or just really upset I turn into a total 3  year old with her and cry my eyes out. I seriously can't help it. It's really weird.

We find the same things funny. Like super funny. We will laugh until we can't breathe and people around us look at us like we are nuts. And guess what. We don't care. Not. One. Bit.

Her nickname for me is "Lucy." Why? Who knows. She doesn't, really, either. I've loved it my whole life. She sings "Que Sera, Sera" to me when I freak out about the future or anything unknown. She is my cheerleader.

But one of my favorite things? My whole life she has always said to me, "I love you 29 years more." She had just turned 29 when she had me and said that she had already loved me her whole life before I even got here. Sometimes she'd say "I love you," and I'd say, "Love you more!" She'd just smile and shake her head. "29 years more." On birthday cards she would draw 29 hearts, or put 29 stickers inside of them. She wouldn't even have to write it, and I wouldn't even have to count. I knew what she meant. Or at least I thought I did.

Then enters this kid. 

I learned how to be a mommy from my wonderful Mama, but this is the guy who turned me into one. The moment I looked at him, I knew I had already loved him for my whole life, even before he was one minute old. There is no way to explain what becoming a mommy feels like. It's like they've been there forever and they just walked into your life all at the same time.

I call him "Bug." Why? Who knows. I sure don't. He actually responds better to "Bug" than to "Will." I'm pretty sure he'll like that nickname when he's older, too.

And on every single birthday card of his I'll say "I love you 24 years more." And I'll fill it with 24 hearts and 24 stickers. And he will know exactly what I'm saying.

Happy Mother's Day,

Monday, May 6, 2013

Will is 8 Months Old!

Dear sweet little buggy,

My oh my how your first year is just flying by. You're only 4 months away from your first birthday. Just so you know, your mommy is just not ok with this.

This month has been a doozy for you. You've got two teeth that you keep hidden pretty much all the time. They are pretty stinking cute. While you may have been just a little fussier than you normally are, you really didn't complain too much with your teeth. You still slept through the night and napped during the day. Basically, you rock. Your daddy and I get compliments on your behavior and I feel guilty saying thank you, because we really had nothing to do with it. It's just who you are. And we want to THANK YOU for that. Seriously. Thank you.

You haven't quite gotten the crawling thing down. Instead, you enjoy rolling. You roll all across the living room, roll to play with toys, roll to investigate new things you've never seen before. It's pretty hilarious. If someone sits in your way, you just roll and roll into them until they move. You try this with the couch and coffee table too, but they don't really get out of your way. You can crawl if you really want to, but it's more of an army crawl where you dig your elbows in and pull your body behind you.

You weigh almost 18.5 pounds now and I love every single roll on your tiny body. You are wonderful, baby boy.

I love you to the moon and back,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm back, folks!

Hi there! Remember me? Nope? I don't blame you one bit. The last time I posted, I told you I was back. And that time I actually had a valid excuse for my absentness. This time? No excuse. I've had things I've wanted to post about, but for some reason I just haven't been motivated. Also? Right around the time I lost motivation, the blogworld was up in arms about the whole google reader/bloglovin' news. To be entirely honest, I was a little bit intimidated by it all. I felt like I was finally getting the hang of blogging and then this just threw a monkey-wrench in it. But here is the really embarrassing part. I just dove head first into changing to bloglovin'... and it took me less than 5 minutes. So it's official. I'm ridiculous. 

The last time I posted, my little guy had just turned 7 months old. Two weeks ago he turned 8 months old. I'll be posting about it tomorrow. I'm so mad at myself for waiting, because I had been doing a relatively decent job of writing his monthly updates on time. But here I am. Back on it. One day I'm sure he will read this and be totally mortified by his monthly updates and the 20348203984 pictures, but I think it's my job to make sure he is sufficiently embarrassed throughout his life. Right?

So today, I'll leave you with this picture. Just in case my absence made you forget what we look like. :)