Saturday, June 30, 2012


So- as I wrote in an earlier post, my Mr. and I are expecting our first baby. His name is Will and we can't wait to meet him. This pregnancy has brought so much joy into our hearts and the hearts of our families.

The day after Christmas this past year, my Memommie passed away. We were always very close. Earlier in 2011, I got married and so did one of my cousins. These events made my Memommie so very happy. She would tell me all the time that she wanted to see my wedding, and I'm so glad that she was able to. When she passed away near Christmas, all of our worlds were shaken. She meant, and still means, so much to so many different people. I think of her and miss her every single day.

(In the picture below, Memommie wanted to see the back of my undies since they said "sexy little bride" on them. Without giving me warning, she lifted my robe up, completely disregarding the fact that there were two male photographers in the room. She was so silly!)

On January 2nd, we found out that we were pregnant. We felt overjoyed and so blessed to be able to experience such an amazing miracle. However, I also was so sad because Memommie loved babies and would have had a fit to know we were expecting. Her excitement and enthusiasm for great news like this is unmatched. There is no one quite like her. The fact that we were pregnant (though we didn't know it yet) when we saw her last made it a little more bittersweet. It means that our baby was in my belly and, in some strange way, got to meet her. But- it also means that we were just a few weeks away for knowing for sure and for being able to share that news with her.

She absolutely loved cross stitching. I cannot even begin to count the number of pillow cases that she has made for my Mama and for me. I have always loved them and thought that they were beautiful, but I appreciate them so much more now. She would always put her initials and the year she created them in the corner and sometimes I just have to hold them close to my heart and touch them. She also made me aprons and a beautiful Christmas   tablecloth. She longed for great-grandchildren so badly that she even began making things for a future little one. She cross-stitched bibs and artwork to frame and hang on the wall once the baby-to-be had a name and a birthday. Knowing that she planned ahead to make sure that my baby would have her handmade items makes my heart so happy. Of course my little boy will grow up hearing stories about her and trying recipes that she taught me how to make- but he will also have his own little keepsakes that she made especially for him. She loved him and was excited for him before he was even a twinkle in his mommy and daddy's eyes.

Telling the rest of our family about our pregnancy was exciting. It was good to be able to share some good news and have someone to look forward to meeting. It was also difficult to tell family members because the person I wanted to share this news with the most was the one that I couldn't call. I would call my Mama just to talk to her about how badly I wished I could share that news and that memory with my Memommie. I know she is looking down at us and is our guardian angel. I have worn the sweetest necklace that she gave me to almost every doctor's appointment because it makes me feel like she's right there with me. 

And I know that she really is.

(In this picture, I was showing Memommie my garter. My hubby is a police officer, so my garter was a holster with 
a fake gun and a badge that "Officer Hottie." Clearly Memommie liked it.)

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  1. this is such a sweet post, maggie. your memommie sounds like she was such a sweet and spunky lady!