Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch- The Incident

Hello there,

I'm sad to report that my Fall bucket list needs some serious help. With all of the good intentions I've had of actually getting some of it done, I can only cross one thing off so far. Taking Baby Boy to his first ever pumpkin patch and getting a tiny pumpkin. However, even with this item on the bucket list, I can only cross off half of it. You might be wondering how someone could only cross off half of an item... Well, let me tell you.

My Mr. picked out a wonderful place to get our family pumpkins. We were so excited to be able to do this. I even bought Baby Boy a little pumpkin hat at Old Navy. So, off we went to Washington Farms. We got there and took lots and lots of pictures with Baby Boy and all of the pumpkins. We had a wonderful time and spent over an hour picking out the perfect pumpkins. The weather was nice. A little chilly and sunny. Once we were ready to head back home, we went to pay for the pumpkins. That was when we learned that they only take cash. Even though my mom always tells me the importance of having emergency cash on me, there was not a dollar bill to be found. Our grand total was $7.40 and we didn't have it...

We couldn't stop laughing about our ridiculousness. We are also extremely grateful that Baby Boy is so tiny and won't ever remember thing happening. If this incident had occurred four years down the road, he would've been one sad little boy. Can you imagine a little one spending all that time finding his perfect pumpkin only to not have money to buy it? He would've gone to school telling everyone that his mommy and daddy couldn't pay for his pumpkin. In all honesty, if he had been older and capable of remembering this, Blake would've driven and found a place to get money and Will would have never known the difference, but thinking about the situation is still pretty funny.

This week we'll head to Publix and get Will a pumpkin. Then I can cross off the whole thing.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


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  2. trader joes has pumpkins... or theres a church off milledge ave. that has a TON! i think we may go get one on monday!