Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Didya know?

Hello friends!

I figure since I'm still very new to this whole blog thing I'd do a post to let you know a little more about me. Here is a random list of 20 things you probably didn't know about me.

1) I love getting pedicures, but i absolutely HATE getting my nails filed. By the time that part is over I'm covered in bad chill bumps.

2) To say Christmas is my favorite holiday is an understatement. if it was up to me, we would celebrate Christmas every. single. day. 

3) One of my friends, Tasha, and I love Black Friday Shopping like no other. We normally research the sale papers, make a list of all the things we want to get, and then go plot out the stores a couple of days before Black Friday so we know where we are going. we divide and conquer and have almost gotten this shopping day down to a science. (one year, we even made matching Black Friday shopping t shirts. yes- we are that crazy.)

4) my favorite show on the planet is Parenthood. i wish I knew the Braverman family. They pretty much rock. they also make me LOVE Tuesdays. 

5) i hate cleaning fish bowls, but i do love our fish. his name is Jose and he is pretty awesome. 

6) if i get the hiccups once, i'll get them at least a few more times during the same day. and my hubby would tell you, my hiccups are ridiculously loud and obnoxious.

7) i am obsessed with Jimmy John's. Seriously. I think I could eat a Club Lulu (no tomato, add provolone, please!) every day and still not be tired of it. A long time ago, Subway made a special bread for their kid sandwiches and the bread was out of this world. they stopped making it and i began a search to find something like it. jimmy john's is the better version of the Subway bread. Jackpot!

8) i saved every rose petal from every rose that Blake gave me while we were dating. i know, i'm a mushball. 

9) i have an addiction to cards. after working at hallmark for a few years, i developed this obsession and it has never left me. i believe there is always a perfect card to suit any occasion. sometimes i even buy the perfect card before i know the occasion because i know eventually it will be wonderful.

10) raisinets are my favorite movie theater snack. 

11) i collect willow tree figurines and absolutely love them. 

(our wedding cake and topper. yum, yum, yum!)

12) baby will has a billion hats because i truly don't know what's more adorable than  a baby in a hat. plus, i only get a few months of his life where he doesn't either pull the hats off or tell me "no." i plan to take full advantage. 

13) i dream of owning a bed and breakfast.

14) i am a macaroni and cheese brat. i hate the stuff in the box with the powder or with the cheese pouch. i've learned that the new homestyle mac n cheese is pretty great, but other than homemade, that's the only kind i'll eat.

15) i love it when the house is cold and i get to cuddle up under a soft blanket.

16) i could spend hours upon hours in hobby lobby. 

17) anything with a cute monogram will make its way to my Christmas list.

18) When i got married, my monogram didn't change at all. this made me both happy and sad. i still get to use my old stuff, but i didn't get to be excited over having a new one. 

19) Savannah, GA is my favorite city. I'm working on a Savannah post with all of my favorite places to visit while I'm there. it really is the best.

20) i love chicken, but i'm terribly picky. i normally pull apart every piece and check it out before i eat it. even at places like chick fil a, i end up with a reject pile of parts i won't eat. also- i eat chicken wings with my fingers. i just can't bite into them. 

that's all i have for now. i have to get off of here and get ready for my favorite show... now to see if i have any more raisinets left in my Halloween candy bowl.


p.s. if this doesn't make you smile, I'm not sure what will. :)


  1. I MADE THE LIST! I love Black Fridays with you. I mostly love the fact that we are equally insane about it. :)

  2. love this list... i even learned a couple of things about you :) so fun!

  3. I watch Parenthood too! Love that show! ps your blog is adorable : )