Monday, May 6, 2013

Will is 8 Months Old!

Dear sweet little buggy,

My oh my how your first year is just flying by. You're only 4 months away from your first birthday. Just so you know, your mommy is just not ok with this.

This month has been a doozy for you. You've got two teeth that you keep hidden pretty much all the time. They are pretty stinking cute. While you may have been just a little fussier than you normally are, you really didn't complain too much with your teeth. You still slept through the night and napped during the day. Basically, you rock. Your daddy and I get compliments on your behavior and I feel guilty saying thank you, because we really had nothing to do with it. It's just who you are. And we want to THANK YOU for that. Seriously. Thank you.

You haven't quite gotten the crawling thing down. Instead, you enjoy rolling. You roll all across the living room, roll to play with toys, roll to investigate new things you've never seen before. It's pretty hilarious. If someone sits in your way, you just roll and roll into them until they move. You try this with the couch and coffee table too, but they don't really get out of your way. You can crawl if you really want to, but it's more of an army crawl where you dig your elbows in and pull your body behind you.

You weigh almost 18.5 pounds now and I love every single roll on your tiny body. You are wonderful, baby boy.

I love you to the moon and back,


  1. He is SO CUTE, Maggie!! I swear you just had him...where did 8 months go?