Thursday, November 1, 2012

Country Music, Baby Snuggles, and Friends

There is nothing in the world like good friendship. You know the ones. The ones you can laugh with for no good reason. The ones who come over on a whim just to chat for a while. The ones who know your favorite kind of wine and exactly how much to pour when you want it. Since it's November (and technically November 2, but I'm going to pretend it's still the 1st. A certain little baby was a little fussy today and didn't want me to write this earlier) I want to focus on writing a month's worth of thankful posts. The whole post each time won't be dedicated to being thankful, but I'll include some little blurb about what I'm thankful for. There really is so much to be thankful for. 

But today I am particularly thankful for my friends. I had a wonderful evening with two of my favorite people, plus baby Will, who is by default my very favorite. We watched the CMAs, laughed a bunch, and just enjoyed each others company. These girls didn't judge me when I cried during Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's acceptance speech for their Song of the Year award... and then when I cried again when we rewinded it and rewatched it. Nor did they think I was crazy for pausing it during Faith Hill's performance to see if she really did have on braces. They are just easy to spend time with.

It's also nice to spend time with people that I trust with my baby boy. I know that if I'm in another room and he cries, these wonderful friends will take care of him just the way I would. Having people like that in your life really make you more thankful than you could ever realize.
So- cheers to country music, baby snuggles, and wonderful friends. I love November already.

And because I'm that mom, here is a little collage of my favorite boy. The many faces of Buggy. They all melt my heart.


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  1. OMG. I miss you so much. And you have the cutest little baby boy on the planet!