Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oh, boy! You're 4 months old!

Sweet baby Will,
I can't believe how fast time is going. I'm sorry that this letter is a few days late, but the pictures were taken right on time. You continue to amaze me every single day. I love you more than I ever knew was possible.
You weigh about 15 pounds now. That's double your birth weight. Sometimes when I give you your bottle my arm falls asleep. I'm not sure if this says something about you or me... :) No worries, it's well worth it. 

You love to smile at people. Sometimes it's a half smile, sometimes it's a stop-you-in-your-tracks grin that seriously steals my heart. You have long eyelashes that I'm sure any future sister (and I mean WAY in the future) of yours will be insanely jealous of. 
You giggle. This is one of my favorite things. Your daddy and I make funny noises or do silly things and you either laugh at us, or raise your eyebrows like we've lost it. Either face makes embarrassing ourselves 100% worth it. 
Your 4 month Dr.'s appointment isn't for another week since they are closed for the holidays. I'm excited to see how much longer you've gotten and to have you weighed again, but I'm not one bit excited about your shots. It breaks my heart when you cry. You have the nicest nurse who knows how to get down to business, but it still makes me sad. I'm pretty sure you handle it better than I do. You're a tough guy.
You've also decided that you like to talk. a lot. Wonder where you get that from... I must be guilty. Your talking noises are the cutest, funniest things ever. I'm totally that mom. Every time you start talking, I run to grab my phone to record it. As a matter of fact, I think I've probably taken a picture of you every day of your life so far. Before you I had about 50 pictures on my phone. 4 months later I have as many videos as it will hold and over 1,000 pictures. Obsessed much? To be honest, I'm not one bit embarrassed. 

Ok, let's have a chat about this hair now, shall we? Your hair is out of control. And I'm pretty sure it's the cutest mess I ever did see. You have long hair and it is SO curly, just like Daddy's. I absolutely love it. The sides flip out no matter what we do. Even if we comb it while it's totally wet, it just springs back up. You like to play with your hair while you eat your bottle, so I think you have something to do with its unruliness. But- it's so. stinking. cute. You have this one curl right at the top of your head and it is precious. You have good hair, bug. And recently you've discovered mine. :)

You sleep all through the night. Seriously. Every night. Can I please just tell you that even if you woke up 8029380489 times every night, I'd still love you to pieces, but I love you extra for letting us sleep.
You are such a happy boy. You only get mad when you're hungry, and I think mad may be an understatement. You go from giggling and smiling to screaming and red faced in about half a second. I think that we may have to work on your patience in the future. :)
You, sir, are our angel baby. I love you so much my heart hurts just thinking about it. I had to pack away your first big box of clothes you've outgrown. You'll be proud to know that I didn't cry. You might be embarrassed to know that I kept singing T. Swift's "Never Grow Up" while I did it. You are the most precious boy I've ever know. I'm so glad you're ours. I love you to the moon and back, little bug!



  1. Oh my goodness, he is ADORABLE. I'm jealous of his gorgeous hair! He's got twice the hair that my 16 month old does lol I can totally relate to you with the taking of hundreds of pictures. I'm totally that mom as well :)

  2. I am LOVING his sweet curly hair, and you're right-- those eyelashes are AMAZING. I am totally jealous of them ;) He is such a stinkin' cutie, I don't know how you stand it! I already take a lot of pictures, so I cannot IMAGINE how many memory cards I'll go through once we start having lil ones!

  3. I love him!!!! He looks so happy, and the talking, oh how I love babies talking. Enjoy your time with him!

  4. Hi I found you through the I love my Blog. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute.. Happy New Year. :)