Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh, baby!- Tuesday Flashback

Hello friends!

I'm not sure how in the world life is flying by so fast. Not sure if anyone told you, but Thanksgiving is this week. Um, say what?! AND- my little buggy turns three months old tomorrow. Of course I'll be doing his monthly letter with an updated picture, but can someone please tell me where this time is going? I have to tell you, I'm not ok with this at all. I feel like every time I blink, he's another month older! 

Since I've really just started blogging pretty recently, I want to find some time to blog about baby festivities and even wedding events that happened a while back just so I can look back on them. Since he'll be three months old tomorrow, I think I'll take some time blog about my baby showers.
I had two absolutely wonderful baby showers thrown by some pretty amazing people. I'm pretty sure that I have the sweetest friends and family ever. Miss Lori threw my first one with some help from my mother in law. Can I please just tell you how ridiculously thoughtful she was? 

Those cupcakes?! Yum! My mother in law ordered these from a lady she works with and Lori ordered the adorable cupcake toppers. 

The cutest invitations ever. I told Lori how much I look forward to raising my son to have good manners and be a gentleman. She heard that and came up with the sweetest theme ever. She was so excited to make every little detail everything I dreamed of. On a double date one night with our guys, she brought a print out of about 20 invitations and had me circle all the ones I liked. She is seriously so thoughtful.

My Mr. and I enjoyed reading to our little buggy way before he even got here. Lori knew how important reading to him is to us, so she planned a surprise for us! She got each guest to bring a book that means something to them to help us start baby boy's library. Best surprise ever. So thoughtful and so important.
Lori made sweet and delicious party favors for everyone. So tasty! And the cute little monogram stickers?! So precious. As silly as this sounds, seeing his monogram on stuff was one of the first things that made becoming a mommy feel real to me. It's a pretty good looking monogram, if I do say so myself!

The banner for the shower was such a fun project. Lori and I have become quite the banner making duo thanks to Cricut machines and Hobby Lobby's cute paper. It was one of my favorite details and I am still loving making banners.

One of my mother-in-law's friends owns an Edible Arrangements store and delivered this tasty little arrangement to my shower. Not only was the fruit perfect, the container it came in is so adorable. We use it now to hold all of little buggy's washrags.

Lori used mason jars with cute striped straws to serve the drinks. It was one of my absolute favorite touches. Dresses up the glasses like this just made everything even more perfect. 
She also made the diaper cake. So cute! I love the ribbon she used and I can't get enough of that adorable rubber ducky. 

And here are some pictures of my sweet friends and family. What in the world would I do without them? They brought the sweetest gifts for baby boy and we are so thankful for all of them!

Oh, and that last one? It's just me and my sassy self. Some things will never change. 

Next Tuesday I'll be posting about my other shower from the sweetest Mama ever. I'm really liking the idea of Tuesday Flashbacks. Can't wait to get started on it!



  1. aww i love this post. thank you for all the sweet words. i am so glad that you loved the shower and i had so much fun throwing it for you!!

  2. Reading your blog makes me feel like you're sitting right beside me. :)