Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh, Milledgeville!

i'm not normally an overly political person. i have my personal values and i vote the way i feel is best, but one of the things i love most about our country is that we are given the opportunity to make a choice. i respect those that think differently than i do. i appreciate that we are given the chance to have a voice...most importantly i'm glad that even if we end with someone who does crazy things, we will never be stuck with that one person. 
this election, the only inconvenient thing was that my Mr. and I didn't update our addresses when we moved to Athens a few months ago. This meant a mini road trip with our little guy to our old stomping grounds. i don't think either one of us realized how excited we were to introduce baby boy to some of our favorite people until we were on the road. what we first saw as an inconvenience quickly turned into a very fun day.

first off- i must say that early voting is the best idea ever. even though the line looked long, we only waited for about 20 minutes. when i voted four years ago, i waited close to 5 hours. wow, what a change! 
a crazy lady asked us if she needed to vote first and then wait in line. she was serious. i'm sure if you're reading this that your face looks like what our faces did. um, no, crazy lady. you wait first and then vote. moments like that make me miss Milledgeville.
the polling lady also gave baby boy his very own sticker.In the collage above, you can see his Georgia Voter sticker. He also got to meet Jeff and see Jen again. These two people are two of our favorite people in Milledgeville. They each mean so much to both of us and we are so grateful that we got to visit with them for a bit. 
we also walked all around campus and blake used his baby bjorn. i'm not gonna lie, i think both of my guys are precious using it.

i figure since i wasn't able to post yesterday, i get to post two thankful things today. 

1) i'm thankful to live in a place where i am allowed to have a say in who leads our country. so many places wish they had the system we have. instead of getting frustrated with all of the election shenanigans (and it is SO easy to get annoyed with it all...) i'm just happy to have an election at all.

and 2) i'm thankful for the six years i had in milledgeville. in those six years i made lifelong friends, met my hubby outside of a history class, earned a bachelor's and master's degree, worked my butt off, and created endless memories. Here's to Milledgeville.

Oh- by the way, it's game day in Athens. Here's my favorite little Bulldog! 



  1. Can I just gush over Will pictures all day?! It's certainly helping my day in the office ;)

    I cannot believe you had to wait 5 hours last election!! OMG! I was away at college last time so I absentee voted. I plan on trying to vote today if I get off work in time!!

  2. so we're not voting until tuesday. in milly. PLEASE tell me i won't have to wait 5 hours...

    and i LOVE the picture of will with jeff... and of course, the bulldog picture :)

  3. That is a cute little Bulldog fan :-)