Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Flashback- Baby Shower No 2

Hey friends!

Last Tuesday I wrote about the fact that so many wonderful life events happened before I really got started blogging. I want to make up for lost time and I don't want to forget any of the details that got me to where I am now, so I'll be doing a flashback every Tuesday. This week I'm flashing back to my second baby shower.

My sweet, sweet Mama (seriously, she is the sweetest human being on the planet) wanted to throw me a dream shower. Since technically moms aren't supposed to throw wedding showers, she waited until it was time to throw one for my sweet boy. Melissa, my best friend and Baby Boy's Godmother, helped her out.
The theme was sock monkeys. I have to tell you, I really LOVE sock monkeys. Here's what our invitations looked like.

And since that was our theme, we obviously had to incorporate it into our newborn pictures taken by [Two] Chics Photography!

Two days before the shower, my mom, Melissa, and I went to pick flowers. We had such a fun time in the middle of the field. However, we live in Georgia, which means it's exceptionally hot in July. We gave it our best shot but could only stay out picking for about 30 minutes. My mama was worried about my preggo self being in the heat, just like  mamas do. We still got some beautiful flowers. When I look back at these pics, I can't believe how hugely giant my preggo belly was. I mean, seriously! Does it look like I was carrying twins or what?! I was asked twice near the end if I was having twins. I took it a little personally, but I can't really blame them for wondering. However, some things are still better left unsaid. 

Here's a pic of some of the delicious food. My mama doesn't like to cook, but when she decides she wants to, it's delicious. Her cheese straws are the. best. ever. We just couldn't stop eating them. She also ordered a ham from Honeybaked Ham to make mini sandwiches, pasta salad, cream cheese and red pepper jelly with wheat thin, and a bunch of other goodies. Mrs. Carol, Melissa's mom, makes wonderful sausage cheese balls and she brought those along with the tastiest cupcakes ever. Yum! Some were red velvet and some were chocolate. Melissa's ridiculously creative and adorable sister made the cupcake toppers and I fell in love with them. 

 I still can't get over all the cute banners my mom had. She ordered a template off Etsy, because Etsy is the best creation ever, and made all of these things from it. You can see a welcome in the background of this picture, along with a beautiful lady who I've been friends with since 5th grade.
 Here are some of my very sweet shower guests. I met these ladies at different points in my life and they have each been there for me for various situations. I truly love every person in this picture. They are each so dear to my heart.

Mama said I looked sneaky opening the gifts. I didn't believe her until I saw this picture. I also LOVE the flowers she got me. So thoughtful!

 And because we live in Athens, I have to post this picture of the cutest UGA football jersey ever.
The cute little blanket that is wrapped around our sock monkey was made by a dear family friend that I just love to pieces. This is her first blanket that she ever made and I am so glad that it is for little buggy!

 My sweet great Aunt Grace gave us the travel system we were hoping for. We love it so much! In the three months that our little man has been here, we have already used it more times than we can count.

 This sweet lady was my college roommate for three years. We lived on the same floor our freshman year and moved in together for the remainder of college. She kept me sane and laughing all the time. I love her so much!
 And because my friends and I are goobers, here are some ridiculous pictures of us pretending that the sock monkey was really my baby.

And here we decided we needed to look like monkeys, since that was the theme!

And here's some belly love! (Just in case you couldn't already tell how crazy we are.)

And one of my favorites-

And just so you know, it's not just my friends who are silly. My little guy's grandmas are pretty silly, too. They may not look it in these pictures, but...

...they definitely look it here. Bless this baby's heart. He's gonna be a mess, and I don't think he has any choice in the matter.  

Here is sweet Melissa listening and blowing kisses to her Godson. 

 And here she is again. Modeling baby boy's hooded towel. 

 I just love my family and friends to pieces and feel so blessed that so many people wanted to take part in spoiling my sweet boy rotten. :) 

About a month after this shower, our little buggy came into this world and I can honestly tell you- he's the best thing that's ever happened to us. 



  1. I had THE BEST time at your shower. Best one I've ever been too.

  2. I love the pics of your son in his little monkey hat! So precious!!

  3. i am sorry i had to miss this shower, it looked like so much fun!!

  4. What a fun shower and such adorable newborn photos of your son! He's so cute!