Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh Boy, You're 3 Months Old!

Little Buggy,

Wow have you grown. You are getting so heavy that when I hold you and feed you, sometimes my arm falls asleep. I also have to carry you in your carseat with both hands. This either means that I am ridiculously weak, or you are getting big. Maybe a little of both.

You still have TONS of hair. The ladies dig it. It's pretty much out of control all of the time. The top does what it should, but the sides do their own curly thing. It's adorable and I love it. Sometimes it's hard to take your bib off because we are afraid we are going to pull out your luscious locks. 

Your eyelashes are growing and your eyes get more and more blue each and every day. You get those stunning peepers from your daddy and we are both pretty happy about this.

You already sleep through the night. Did I mention how lucky we are? I mean, seriously. Any other brother or sister you may have somewhere far, far in the future will never be able to compare with the angelic sleeper you are. 

Smiling is turning into your favorite hobby. Sometimes you try to look serious and raise your eyebrows, but that look quickly turns into a melt-mommy's-heart smile and I just can't control myself. I must pick you up and immediately squeeze you because you are just too sweet. You also stick your tongue out when you are really happy and I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything cuter.

Here's the deal, little bug. I need you to slow down just a bit. I want to soak in every single moment of your sweet cuddles and I feel like every day you just get bigger and bigger. I know this is life and I know it's inevitable. And honestly I feel so thankful that you are growing big and strong... But I want you to stay my little baby for just a while longer. Please?

Look at how much you've already grown!

Love you to pieces, 

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